These are sites that will help you in your walk with Christ, along with information on missionaries, and how to be a better prayer warrior.  If you know of sites that can be added, please contact us.




We have added this new link section on our vehicles page.  If you know of good sites to help others to grow in the Lord or to find other missionaries web pages, please contact us with that information.  We would like to add sites that are resourceful, or will help out in our daily walk.  These can also be links to other helps ministries, churches, homes to help out the troubled, and prophets chambers that are available. Our first family is the Trainer Family out of the Stockton, MO area.  Please visit their site Ozark Christian Living.

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This is an excellent ministry that has been going strong since 1993.  If a missionary, pastor or evangelist have a vehicle breakdown, you can call this Emergency Number to find help that is near you.  If you know of good, honest, and highly recommended mechanics who want to help out the Lord's servants please e-mail BMTM or Good Shepherd Baptist Missions to have them added to the network of mechanics.  These folks aren't only there for emergency vehicle needs, but have many ways to help the Lord's servants.  Click on the card above to go to their web site.