Vehicle Ministry LINKS

If we don't have a vehicle available for the time that you will be on furlough, medical leave, paperwork leave, special occasion leave or back for an emergency leave, you can check to see if some of these other ministries can help you out. Even though these ministries are listed, this does not mean that we endorse them or partner with them. We are Independent Fundamental Baptist, helping Independent Fundamental Baptist. Several of these ministries are other denominations that are open to all denominations. Please do your own research to see what they stand for and what their beliefs are..

Some of the Vehicle Ministries that we have learned from, along with others that we have heard of who that also have vehicles available for missionaries are listed to the left.  Each ministry has it's own guidelines and how they operate, along with how they price the vehicles.  You will need to research who they are and what they stand for to see if they will be able to help you out.  By clicking on the list to the left you will learn a little about their ministries along with getting access to a link to their web site if they have one.  If we can be of any help to direct you to these folks, just e-mail us and we will correspond with you.


Please bear with us as we update and build this portion of the site.


If you know of ministries that provide vehicles or service to missionaries, please notify us on our contact page so we can add them to our pages of helpful links.

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