We would like to provide vehicles for missionaries at no cost.  The only things we wanted them to do, would be pay for fuel, oil changes, and small maintenance occurrences. We would like to see that happen at some time in the future.  We have found that to properly maintain our vehicles we have to lease them out at $365.00 a month to help offset the cost of registrations, insurance, and the maintenance.  BMTM is a total non-profit organization.  The vehicles that are available have all been supplied by the Lord and serviced by us, along with our mechanic.  We are praying that more people, churches, and other organizations will have the burden to help out missionaries through us by helping us with donations.  If you would like to donate a good running vehicle or one in need of small repairs please contact us and we will see what can be done to pick up the vehicle.

 If you would like to help us to provide quality vehicles to missionaries through financial support, you can help us by making a donation to BMTM.  All donations are tax deductible, as we are a non-profit organization.  A donation can be mailed to us at the address below.  Above all we would ask that you keep our church, family and BMTM in your prayers.

Our address:


31620 S ST RT T

Garden City, MO 64747

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