Tigran Agamalian picking up 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

Tigran Agamalian and his family used the 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport while on furlough from April 30, 2008 until July 20, 2009. Agamalian's traveled 31,229 miles. They are missionaries to Lithuania, sent through Baptist World Missions in Decatur, AL.  Agamalian's home church is Tri-City Baptist Church in Independence, MO under Dr. Carl Herbster.


Alejandro Sanchez and his family were on furlough from Spain, from February 12, 2009 to July 21, 2009 traveling 19,928 miles. The Sanchez Family is sent through World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions of Kings Mountain, NC.  Their home church is Trinity Baptist Church of Wilson, NC under Pastor Robert Winstead.


Missionaries to Uganda, Marvin and Jewell Wright were on furlough from October 9, 2008 to July 20, 2009, traveling 32,112 miles. Wrights are supported through Baptist International Missions, Inc (BIMI) out of Chattanooga, TN. Their home church is Crossroads Baptist Church in Carthage, MO under Pastor Bob Morgan.


Evangelist Fred Reed was able to use BMTM vehicles while traveling the U.S. from September 29th, 2008 to July 28, 2009.  While in town for revival meetings, Reed needed a vehicle for future meetings while his vehicle was broke down.  He traveled 46,871 miles. Reed is sent out of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Hot Springs, AR under Dr. Eric Capaci.


Missionaries to ********* were home on furlough using a BMTM van from July 28 to July 29, 2009, total miles with delivery was 1,586 miles. ******** are supported through Baptist International Missions, Inc (BIMI) out of Chattanooga, TN. Their home church is Stanley Heights Baptist Church in East Ridge, TN, under Pastor Brent Baughman.


Missionary S. to the Continent of Asia was home on furlough from June 4, 2009 to August 10, 2009 traveling 8,839 miles.  S. is sent out of Lighthouse Baptist Church of Cedar Lake, IN under Pastor Arlyn Walters.


Larry and Phyllis Simensen, missionaries to the Military of Germany, were home on furlough from May 15, 2009 to August 11, 2009 traveling 15,462 miles.  The Simensen's are supported through Baptist International Missions, Inc (B.I.M.I.) out of Chattanooga, TN.   Their home church is Westmorland Independent Baptist Church, Colonial Beach, VA under Pastor Robert Warnick.


2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

The Frank Maietta Family had a van from May 16, 2009 to August 15, 2009.  They are home on furlough from Italy, traveling 12,466 miles.  Maietta's are supported through Baptist World Mission of Decatur, AL. Their home church is Marantha Baptist Church of Shelby, NC under Pastor Frank Camp.


The Brad Fleck Family, was home on furlough from July 14, 2009 to September 10, 2009, traveling 10,016 miles. The Flecks are missionaries to The Marshall Islands, supported through Independent Faith Mission in Greensboro, NC. Their home church is Grace Baptist Church of Chapman, KS under Pastor Bryan Reeves.


Missionaries to Germany, the Clint Shipman family, were home on furlough from May 27, 2009 to September 15, 2009 traveling 13,683 miles with the van being picked up for them.  The Shipman's are supported through and sent through Windsor Hills Baptist Church of Oklahoma City, OK under Pastor Tom Vineyard.


2001 Chrysler Town & Country (pic 02)

Pastor Charles Kaighen used a BMTM van from September 21, 2009 to September 23, 2009 to go to the Preaching Jubilee at Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, IA.   They traveled a total of 778 miles.


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