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To provide missionary transportation by having quality vehicles, for travel in the United States, while on furloughs, returns for paper work, and  emergency leaves from their mission field.




An excellant network of repair shops across the U.S to help with vehicle break downs. Click the card to find out more about Good Shepherd Baptist Missions and the many helps they have.

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Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry is only operated from donations of churches, businesses and individuals.  If you would like to donate or help to sponsor a vehicle please contact us.


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Please pray with us that this van can get repaired quickly and be ready for the next missionary to be able to get when they need it. It was rear ended in TN on its last week before being turned back in.

This is the new piece of property we were able to get, to move BMTM Headquarters out to. Many have been praying with us and for us to get this property. We will post updated pictures of what has been accomplished. It has many repairs that needed to be done to get it usable again. As time permits we will try to post pictures here and on facebook of the progress we are making. Please continue to pray for the time and finances to get it completed. Praise the Lord for allowing us to be able to get this.